Re: Pango Unicode coverage

On 26 Dec 2001, Owen Taylor wrote:

>  * The unicode character property code in Glib needs some
>    work to handle properties for characters not in the 
>    BMP. (The interfaces are fine, but the internal data
>    structures are limited.)

We recently redid FriBidi's informational data structures to support
non-BMP characters. Do you think it will be hard to do for Glib? If not, I
can put some time on it (mainly for demonstration purposes, since I love
to refer people to pango).

>    (Can the TTF format handle Unicode charmaps with characters outside the
>    BMP? I don't think so...)

I've heard that it does, but did not get into the details. As far as I
know, there is a CJK font in WinXP that does this. (There is only a limit
of 65536 glyphs per TrueType font, which should not be a problem.)


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