Re: OpenType Indic Support

Eric Mader <mader jtcsv com> writes:

> >But for now, the OpenType support is only compiled into the
> >Xft backend, and only the Xft backend has the necessary
> >hooks to use it (though it would be pretty trivial to
> >add to the FT2 backend.) So, copying the general way
> >the arabic-xft is compiled and registers itself probably
> >is the way to go.
> OK, I'll copy the arabic-xft for now. Do I need to touch anything else
> to get my module to load?

Pango knows what modules to load by reading an index file - it will
look for this in $(sysconfdir)/pango/pango.modules.  (It will also
look home directory location, forget the exact file.)

Running pango-querymodules without any arguments queries all modules
in the default Pango modules path and outputs an appropriate file. You
can configure the module path by editing your ~/.pangorc.

If you just copy the makefile rules for an existing file, everything
should work on 'make install'.


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