General localization question

I'm interested in adding localization to my program but I've never used
any of the locale stuff in gnome or gtk.  I've been perusing the archives
and I noticed this written a while back...

> > If somebody wants to write an entry on "How do I make my program
> > suitable for international use?" for the GTK+ FAQ, that would be
> > appreciated.
> > I wrote something like that some time ago; 
> look at

Was something like this ever written?  I guess the above link was a
project hosted by but it's gone now.  Anybody know a
good place to find general info on this stuff.  I may not need to support
different character sets, I may just support languages commonly written
using english characters, spanish, french, etc.  If that is a much simpler
thing to do let me know.  Thanks.

-Samir Singh 

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