Re: Thai/Devanagari in GNOME Terminal

Hi Robert,

] ] 
] ] I'm glad that this isn't anything actually required by valid Thai data.
] Let me think more if I can find one... :)
I think there is the case in Devanagari for this which wcwidth() cann't be
used to determine the width whether zero-width or not for valid data.
One of them is Ra rule when it's followed by virama and other consonant,
then RA will be displayed as RA(sup) which is zero width.

	RA + VIRAMA + KA  --> KA + RA(sup)
	Compared to the following seq RA would be displayed as non-zero width
	RA + KA -->  RA +  KA
If we are going to debate whether these samples are for valid data or not,
may be, I need to look more in hindi about the valid words but I think
it shouldn't be that much.

wcwidth() is still not able to use with all the ligature cases either.

Chookij V.

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