Re: Thai/Devanagari in GNOME Terminal

On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Chookij Vanatham wrote:

> I think there is the case in Devanagari for this which wcwidth() cann't be
> used to determine the width whether zero-width or not for valid data.
> One of them is Ra rule when it's followed by virama and other consonant,
> then RA will be displayed as RA(sup) which is zero width.
> 	Ex:
> 	RA + VIRAMA + KA  --> KA + RA(sup)
> 	Compared to the following seq RA would be displayed as non-zero width
> 	RA + KA -->  RA +  KA
> If we are going to debate whether these samples are for valid data or not,
> may be, I need to look more in hindi about the valid words but I think
> it shouldn't be that much.
> wcwidth() is still not able to use with all the ligature cases either.

Yeah, Devanagari does not fit terminal semantics.

However, I don't think the best way to fix this is by breaking the
terminal semantics.

Robert Brady
robert suse co uk

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