Re: Thai/Devanagari in GNOME Terminal

On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, Chookij Vanatham wrote:

> Well!!! here is my comment.
> As Thai person speaking about arabic language, arabic vowels (fatha, damma,
> kasra, fathatan, dammatan, kasratan) will be displayed on top of consonant
> like Cons + vowel.
> Also, they can have cons + shadda + vowel but I don't think the sequence,
> cons + vowel + shadda is the right sequence. So, the same issue which is
> existed in arabic script.
> How about Davanagari ?
> It has the sequence, cons + vowel + candra. I don't think it's the
> right sequence of cons + candra + vowel. Shouldn't they be displayed the same ?

I suggest you take this up with i18n xfree org 

Robert Brady
robert suse co uk

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