Thai script in Pango


I downloaded Pango last month and tried it on Solaris 8.
Under en_US.UTF-8 locale, I added some Thai characters (UTF-8) to
the testtext.c and recompiled it and ran it again and found out
that gtk+-1.3.1/gtk/testtext cann't display Thai characters.

I'm trying to fix the problem and here is what I found.

In Thai Pango engine at pango-0.12/modules/thai/thai.c, there is
the variable name "charset" which is problably used with the fontname.
This "charset" for Thai isn't the same as we use in Solaris as shown below.

Thai Pango Engine: pango-0.12/modules/thai/thai.c
static ThaiFontInfo *
get_font_info (PangoFont *font)
  static const char *charsets[] = {

  static const int charset_types[] = {


In Solaris, Thai font name is something as shown below.

So, I did changed the tis name and recompiled and installed it but
Thai script isn't still able to be displayed yet.

Here is what I changed.

Change from tis620.2533-1 to tis620.2533-0
Change from tis620.2529-1 to tis620.2533-0

If anyone knows or suggests me how to fix this, it would be
really helpfull. I'm just started playing with Pango... :)


Chookij V.

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