Re: Non-BDF Devanagari Support in Pango

Chookij Vanatham <chookij vanatham eng sun com> writes:

> Hi Robert, Owen,
> Should Pango be able to support all necessary various kinds of fonts
> even the ultimate goal font is OpenType ?

Well, the ultimate goal is to support whatever fonts people have.

> ] This is something that needs discussion. In an ideal world we'd just
> ] use OpenType's Indic support. Short of that we could
> ] 
> ]   * add support for arbritrary X properties to TTFs, make the X TTF
> ]     backend understand this.
> Can we have this done before Pango 1.0 out (by when ?) ?

I don't even know how we would go about doing this one, and it doesn't
correspond to the future direction for TTF and X, which seems to be
client-side fonts.

> ]   * recognise the font automatically (based on encoding?) and then pass a
> ]     hardcoded PANGO_LIGATURE_HACK in...
> This approach will require "Pango devanagari engine" to keep all those
> various hardcoded PANGO_LIGATURE_HACK, right ?
> Will this approach require any change in TTFs ?
> Will this approach be taking less time than the above one ?

I think the best approach for this is to have a configuration file 
that has something like:


And have Pango read that in and use it in addition to the ligature
data found with the font.

> May be, it will be done before Pango 1.0 out. Right ?

I think that the above approach is simple enough to get done in 
the next few weeks, which is the basic timescale for what will
be going into Pango 1.0.


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