Re: ANNOUNCE: fribidi-0.1.12 wrote:

> In his message, Eli Marmor wrote,
> > According to the standards, LRM is 0xFD (and not 0xFE) and RLM is 0xFE
> > (and not 0xFF).
> Thanks for the info! You left the ivrix meeting last month before my
> talk so I didn't get your input then.

Sorry. I had a so important meeting after; I promise you that other
people would not come at all if they had a similar meeting.

> Btw, exactly which standard? Any URL's?

URL's?  Are you kidding?  Most of the people work for money, not like

Anyway, there are URL's with very useful details (prices of the
standards, etc.):

Israeli Standard 1311 - Information Technology - ISO 8 bit coded
character set for information interchange:

ISO/IEC 8859-8:1999

Eli Marmor

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