Re: ANNOUNCE: fribidi-0.1.12

Here is the URL:

It's not for iso8859-8, which I don't think has LRM and RLM, but
for Microsoft's hebrew code page, 1255, which is essentially a
superset of 8859-8 (I didn't check all the details). Besides LRM
and RLM it also includes nikud and the "new shekel" sign.


On Sat, 20 May 2000 wrote:

> In his message, Eli Marmor wrote,
> > According to the standards, LRM is 0xFD (and not 0xFE) and RLM is 0xFE
> > (and not 0xFF).
> Thanks for the info! You left the ivrix meeting last month before my
> talk so I didn't get your input then.
> It will be fixed in fribidi-0.1.13 which will make it to my site in
> the next few days. Meanwhile please apply the following patch manually
> if planning to use LRM and RLM for iso-8859-8:
> fribidi_char_sets.c:
> < #define ISO_8_LRM 0xFE
> < #define ISO_8_RLM 0xFF
> --
> > #define ISO_8_LRM 0xFD
> > #define ISO_8_RLM 0xFE
> Btw, exactly which standard? Any URL's?
> Dov
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