Re: libunicode

Tom Tromey <> writes:

> >>>>> "Owen" == Owen Taylor <> writes:
> Owen> Tom - would you mind if I upped the version to 0.4 and made
> Owen> a tarball? Since I'm putting tarballs of Pango up, it would
> Owen> nice to not have to require people to get libunicode
> Owen> from CVS.
> Feel free.

OK, thanks. I've put up a tarball at:
> We might consider abandoning libunicode and replacing it with
> libiconv.  I hear it is more complete and more actively maintained.
> I can dig up a pointer if you want.

When I looked at libiconv, it certainly had a more complete set
of iconv conversions, but it didn't have some of the other things
from libunicode that I'm using currently in Pango, such
as unicode string manipuulation, and character property


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