Karl Koehler <> writes:

> configure failes, saying the following:
> checking for fribidi_map_range in -lfribidi... yes
> checking for unicode-config... no
> configure: error: *** unicode-config not found
> I do have libunicode installed ( I installed it from a package
> named libunicode-0.5.tar.gz ).
> So what do I do now to get it to compile ( aside waiting for the
>  next release, that is ) ?

Unfortunately, there are a number of libraries out there
named libunicode. :-(

The one you want here is by Tom Tromey, and is a library
that includes routines for manipulating unicode strings,
determining unicode character properties, and which also
contains a simple iconv implementation for systems without
a decent native iconv.

Since the version of this CVS is 0.3, it is most likely
that the library you found is something else.

We may eventually replace this with some other library
or combination of libraries, since it's not clear that
maintaining this infrastructure ourselves is useful,
but for now, it is required.

You can get this from GNOME cvs, its libunicode module; see

for information about accessing GNOME cvs anonymously.

It looks like the 0.3 RPM that Steve Underwood found is from the
Mandrake "Cooker" tree. I suspect that it is something that Pablo
built, so is probably in good shape, but I don't know exactly its
status. As far as I remember, there has never been a tarball release of

Tom - would you mind if I upped the version to 0.4 and made
a tarball? Since I'm putting tarballs of Pango up, it would
nice to not have to require people to get libunicode
from CVS.


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