Re: libunicode

Owen Taylor wrote:

> Karl Koehler <> writes:
> > configure failes, saying the following:
> >
> >
> > checking for fribidi_map_range in -lfribidi... yes
> > checking for unicode-config... no
> > configure: error: *** unicode-config not found
> >
> >
> > I do have libunicode installed ( I installed it from a package
> > named libunicode-0.5.tar.gz ).
> > So what do I do now to get it to compile ( aside waiting for the
> >  next release, that is ) ?
> Unfortunately, there are a number of libraries out there
> named libunicode. :-(
> The one you want here is by Tom Tromey, and is a library
> that includes routines for manipulating unicode strings,
> determining unicode character properties, and which also
> contains a simple iconv implementation for systems without
> a decent native iconv.
> Since the version of this CVS is 0.3, it is most likely
> that the library you found is something else.
> We may eventually replace this with some other library
> or combination of libraries, since it's not clear that
> maintaining this infrastructure ourselves is useful,
> but for now, it is required.
> You can get this from GNOME cvs, its libunicode module; see
> for information about accessing GNOME cvs anonymously.
> It looks like the 0.3 RPM that Steve Underwood found is from the
> Mandrake "Cooker" tree. I suspect that it is something that Pablo
> built, so is probably in good shape, but I don't know exactly its
> status. As far as I remember, there has never been a tarball release of
> libunicode.
> Tom - would you mind if I upped the version to 0.4 and made
> a tarball? Since I'm putting tarballs of Pango up, it would
> nice to not have to require people to get libunicode
> from CVS.

Yes, the one I got is from Mandrake. I hunted it out at

I'm not sure there are lots of libunicodes, but there is certainly more
than one. In looking around, a libunicode V0.5 from a guy in Australia
seems to be referenced quite a lot. Most other libunicodes seem to be part
of larger bundles, so they don't show their heads as packages in their own

Anyway, it seems I have an OK version for now, so maybe I'll continue with
it, unless I find quirks.


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