Re: What is the license of generated files?

On 12/10/2012 05:41 PM, Jeff Johnston wrote:
I wish to use gtk-doc to create a test case for the Eclipse devhelp plug-in.  I have a simple C test with one function which I generate devhelp for.  The generation results in a set of files: a css file, the devhelp file, some .png files (home.png, left.png, right.png), etc... None have any license information.

Where can I find information regarding the license or lack of license of the various generated files?  I was unable to find anything in the gtk-doc manual.  I would prefer they would be unlicensed or under my control as there are restrictions on what can be stored in the repository (e.g. GPL is not allowed).
A good question. While I have been modifying the css file during the years of my maintainership, I have not touched the png images. Historically projects have often been shipping the generated files with tarballs.

This commit added the png files (in 2002):

I am confident that we can license the css to whatever we want. In this commit
it was extracted from the xsl file.

What license would work well? Creative Commons? We can probably do something like autotools:;a=blob;f=COPYING.EXCEPTION
but I am not up to the task to formulate such an exception.


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