Re: sgml-id / xml-id and namespaces

Am 23.12.2009 13:54, schrieb Nicola Fontana:
> Il giorno Wed, 23 Dec 2009 10:09:50 +0100
> David Nečas <yeti physics muni cz> ha scritto:
>> On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 12:52:02AM +0200, Stefan Kost wrote:
>>> In my opinion we should
>>> - design a better id-scheme with minimal breakage in mind. for that
>>> I'd suggest to prefix document structure ids. the rational is that
>>> those where not officially documented and I don't believe people
>>> explicitly link to them a lot.
>>> - if possible have a quirks mode, that could catch link which got
>>> broken, rewrite and warn about them
>>> - once we know about the potential impact, propose the change on
>>> desktop-devel list
>>> How does that sound?
>> For subsections, it's reasonable.  Something like sect: is unlikely to
>> clash with existing IDs.
>> But this does not solve the type/section clash, does it?
> Yes, it will: the section is nothing more than a root subsection. The
> problem is the final file name should be treated specially (as I think
> nobody would like "DOC:::GtkWidget.html" or something similar), but I
> guess the file name is yet handled apart.

I was thinking of DOC---GtkWidget. We already use "--" or "-" for proprties and
signals. I'd liek to not use ":" anymore as they are used for namespaces in xml.
It still works, but one already now get validity warnings for ":CAPS" (also
:CAPS is only needed for sgml and not for xml). The "-" char is a good delimiter
as it is not valid for symbols in C.


> Ciao.

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