Re: gtkdoc-scanobj without autotools

On Mon, Dec 07, 2009 at 01:39:58PM +0100, Simon Siemens wrote:
> I want to document an application consisting of two units...
> I use a common Makefile project without autotools.
> ...
> This works fine for functions and enums and so on. However, the widget
> is not appropriately documented. I think, this job performs
> gtkdoc-scanobj. I cannot find appropriate documentation of its
> interface, though. The call
>   gtkdoc-scanobj --module=$(PACKAGE) --output-dir=./
> brings up many compiler errors. I must add the header gtk/gtk.h to
> TicTacToePackage-scan.c, but still thinks do not work.

You should not need to add any header, it only needs the foo_get_type()
functions and they are (re)declared automatically in the source.

> What is the right way to embed gtkdoc-scanobj in a Makefile without the
> autotools?

The first problem is that you use gtkdoc-scanobj instead of
gtkdoc-scangobj.  The former is for the old Gtk+ type system that is no
longer used (IIRC).

Then, gtkdoc-scangobj  builds and runs an inspection program.   You must
tell it how to do that by running it

CC=..  CFLAGS=..  LD=..  LDFLAGS=..  RUN=..  gtkdoc-scangobj

where the variables contain the right compiler, linker and their flags
to build a program using your library.  See the source of
gtkdoc-scangobj around line containing `Compiling scanner' if you want
to know how exactly are the variables used.



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