gtkdoc-scanobj without autotools


I want to document an application consisting of two units:

 - tictactoe.c/.h consists a tic-tac-toe widget.
 - 420_angabe.c consists the remaining application
   which uses the widget.

I use a common Makefile project without autotools. Following

and gnome org/msg00376.html

the Makefile contains the following GTK-Doc calls:

  PACKAGE = TicTacToePackage
  CFLAGS = `pkg-config gtk+-2.0 --cflags`
  LDLIBS = `pkg-config gtk+-2.0 --libs`

  gtkdoc-scan --module=$(PACKAGE) --source-dir=./ --output-dir=./

  gtkdoc-mkdb --module=$(PACKAGE) --source-dir=./ --output-format=xml
      --main-sgml-file=$(PACKAGE)-docs.sgml --sgml-mode

  gtkdoc-mkhtml $(PACKAGE) $(PACKAGE)-docs.sgml

This works fine for functions and enums and so on. However, the widget
is not appropriately documented. I think, this job performs
gtkdoc-scanobj. I cannot find appropriate documentation of its
interface, though. The call

  gtkdoc-scanobj --module=$(PACKAGE) --output-dir=./

brings up many compiler errors. I must add the header gtk/gtk.h to
TicTacToePackage-scan.c, but still thinks do not work.

What is the right way to embed gtkdoc-scanobj in a Makefile without the

Thanks for your help,


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