Re: Making HTML XHTML compliant


actually in trunk I started to work on adding configure option to select output
formats. I need to refactor the stylesheets a bit. I could then offer xhtml as a
format. I am a bit unsure about switching to xhtml by default. No idea what kind
of thin gs people do with their docs and if that would cause trouble for them.


eNTiDi di Fontana Nicola schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I need to do some post-processing on the generated HTML docs and
> I'd like to use an XSL stylesheet. To be able do generate XHTML
> compliant code, I modified gtk-doc.xsl as shown by the
> attachement. I used it on a couple of projects and seems to work
> properly.
> Is there some reason / drawback / pitfall I must be aware of? Or
> gtk-doc is still using HTML4 only for historical reasons?
> If the latter case applies, maybe an update should be considered.
> Ciao
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