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On Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 4:25 AM, Kuang-Chun Cheng <kccheng linuxdaq-labs com> wrote:
Thanks for reply.

On Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 4:08 AM, Stefan Kost <ensonic hora-obscura de> wrote:

Kuang-Chun Cheng schrieb:
> Hi,
> I can use gtk-doc to create HTML web page successfully.
> However, when I use command
> "docbook2pdf myapp-docs.sgml" to create PDF file, I got a lot of error
> like these:

After looking at script source code of both /usr/bin/docbook2pdf and /usr/bin/jw directly,
I add an options "-e no-valid" to docbook2pdf.   Command

docbook2pdf -e no-valid myapp-docs.sgml

can generate the PDF :-)  I still don't know how "-e no-valid" will affect the output
PDF, but so far it's good enough for me.

Also, option "-e no-idref" will also generate the PDF too.


> ...
> jade:/home/kc/myapp/docs/manual/xml/onet.xml:24:72:X: reference to
> non-existent ID "gint"
> jade:/home/kc/myapp/docs/manual/xml/onet.xml:82:72:X: reference to
> non-existent ID "gint"
> jade:/home/kc/myapp/myapp/docs/manual/xml/mtimer.xml:28:15:X: reference
> to non-existent ID "gdouble"
> jade:/home/kc/myapp/myapp/docs/manual/xml/mtimer.xml:144:95:X: reference
> to non-existent ID "gdouble"
> ...
> My app is a C application use glib2 ... the "gint" and "gdouble" is part
> of my
> API's function prototype.
> How could I avoid such error ?  Thanks a lot.

The generated pdf document should still be okay. gtkdoc add cross-references to
other libraries. For html, they are resolved, but intermediately they are
invalid. That what jade complains about here.

My problem is ... jade will complain:
jade:I: maximum number of errors (200) reached; change with -E option
make: *** [pdf] Error 8

and no PDF will be generated.
If I can generate the PDF with broken cross-references ... that will be
good enough for me.  Any idea how to do that ?  Thanks


I plan to improve format support in 1.12.


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