problem creating PDF


I can use gtk-doc to create HTML web page successfully.
However, when I use command
"docbook2pdf myapp-docs.sgml" to create PDF file, I got a lot of error like these:

jade:/home/kc/myapp/docs/manual/xml/onet.xml:24:72:X: reference to non-existent ID "gint"
jade:/home/kc/myapp/docs/manual/xml/onet.xml:82:72:X: reference to non-existent ID "gint"
jade:/home/kc/myapp/myapp/docs/manual/xml/mtimer.xml:28:15:X: reference to non-existent ID "gdouble"
jade:/home/kc/myapp/myapp/docs/manual/xml/mtimer.xml:144:95:X: reference to non-existent ID "gdouble"

My app is a C application use glib2 ... the "gint" and "gdouble" is part of my
API's function prototype.

How could I avoid such error ?  Thanks a lot.


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