Re: Where is source code of documentation ?


KLEIN Stephane wrote:

I read "GObject Reference Manual" at "
API/2.0/gobject/index.html". I'm on "How To define and implement a new GObject?" section ( gobject.html) and I don't found "The sample source code associated to this section can be found in the documentation's source tarball, in the sample/gobject directory".

Where is the source of this documentation ? I've noticed "http://" but it isn't corresponding documentation.

So, I wonder if it's good idea to add in documentation, the url to its source code ?

Yes, I haven't copied it. I probably also needs some cleanup too. I could do it, but it needs a decission where to put it:
has no examples
Gtk+ has
as a top-level dir. SO I could do this for glib and add

Does this sound good? If glib maintainers give me the ok, I'll do it.


Thanks for your help,

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