Re: Child Properties with gtk-doc

On 9/7/06, Sven Herzberg <herzi-ml gnome-de org> wrote:
Hey Dudes,

  I'm hacking on libccc [1], a canvas solution that integrates into GTK.
As a canvas also knows concepts like the container concept that's used
in GTK+, I need to add child properties in a similar way as GTK+ has.
GTK+ documents these by directly hacking the .sgml templates. I'd like
to do this from the sources.

  Is that possible? Would it make a useful addition to gtk-doc (IMHO
it's at least useful as in "everything you see in the GTK+ docs should
be possible from source files now")? Could you give me any hints on
implementing this?

Have you tried simply using the same syntax that works for documenting
regular properties in sources ? I thought that would just work...


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