Re: crossreferences in installed xml

Am Fre, 2002-05-24 um 17.32 schrieb Mikael Hallendal:
> fre 2002-05-24 klockan 01.59 skrev Matthias Clasen:
> Hi!
> Sorry for jumping into the discussion so late (and I haven't had time to
> read the entire thread.
> First: Why should the ghelp:// uri scheme be used?

If we don't use it, why bother with OMF/scrollkeeper registration at
all? What would you use instead ? Plus, it keeps the documents

> the ghelp: scheme only looks up documents in $PREFIX/share/gnome/help

>From studying the gnome-doc-list archives, I had the impression that the
ghelp: scheme would look up documents registered in OMF/scrollkeeper. 


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