Re: crossreferences in installed xml

fre 2002-05-24 klockan 17.47 skrev Havoc Pennington:
> Mikael Hallendal <micke codefactory se> writes: 
> > Second: This has nothing to do with yelp. Yelp is going to filter out
> > any API documents that are in scrollkeeper since you don't want the user
> > to get them when trying to find help about there apps. 
> Shouldn't yelp have an "API docs" mode instead of maintaining both
> yelp and devhelp?

When starting on Yelp I aimed for it to both replace gnome-help-browser
and devhelp. I had to just do the gnome-help-browser part since that was
of higher priority.

I think that a API document browser can be done much more advanced and
optimized for that task than the User doc browser. The most probable
solution would be to share the underlying layers and just use different
GUI's for the two.

  Mikael Hallendal

Mikael Hallendal                micke codefactory se
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