Re: omf, xml

On Thu, 2002-05-09 at 17:34, Matthias Clasen wrote:

> Here is how I would like to attack the install-docbook-xml issue:
> 1) Add --output-format option to gtkdoc-mkdb to optionally write xml 
>   (similar to the patch that started this thread)
> 2) Add --input-format option to gtkdoc-mkhtml to optionally read xml
>   (make it use the right SGML declaration)
> 3) Convert glib, pango, atk, gtk API docs to XML.
>   (my last mail contained a list of non-XML constructs which are
>    likely to need purging)
> 4) Figure out how to install the xml so that it can be used by the gnome2
>    help infrastructure.
> 5) Solve the cross-document linking problem for the installed xml either
>    - at install time, using the fixxref approach
>    - at display time, using olink support in the viewer (currently 
>      nonexisting, I guess) 
> 6) Later: consider replacing jade by xsl-based tools in gtkdoc-mkhtml.
> Does this sound reasonable ? If there are no objections, I would like to 
> go ahead with 1) - 3). John can probably explain what needs to be done
> for 4).

Yes, please go ahead. Good luck!


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