Re: different parameter names in .h and .c files

Matthias Clasen <maclas gmx de> writes:

> I just noted that gtk-doc is not really up to handling them. gtk currently
> contains
> 4 functions where the headers have parameter names like 'klass' or 'cclass'
> (to be
> C++ clean, I guess), but the sources have 'class'. Since the doc comment
> goes with
> the source, it naturally uses 'class'. But gtkdoc-scan reads the header
> files to find
> declarations, thus the header parameter names end up in the templates. 
> Its probably not worth doing much about this, since fixing the templates
> once 
> is enough, but I thought I mention it anyway.
> Owen, should I change the offending four functions to use the same C++-safe
> parameters in the implementation  (gtk_container_class_find_child_property,
> gtk_container_class_list_child_properties,
> gtk_widget_class_find_style_property
> and gtk_wiget_class_list_style_properties) ?

Note that it actually works to have the gtk-doc inline comments match
the headers, but not the implementation. This is what I did for a few
places in GDK where I didn't want to generate an enormous diff agains
the C file.

It's fine if you want to change the actual implementations to match,
though, that's what I've normally done.


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