Re: omf, xml

Am Mit, 2002-05-08 um 21.00 schrieb Damon Chaplin:
> We want to switch to DocBook XML. The main issue to resolve is
> cross-references between documents. Currently we fix the html links with
> a perl script, but we need a different method for DocBook XML.
> Something like custom XSLT code to handle our own <olink> elements.
> Also, people seem to still want HTML output available, so we need a
> solution that generates DocBook XML and HTML, all with cross-references
> fixed up.

While I haven't tackled the more involved cross-linking problem yet,
here is a little list of what I had to do in order to make gtk-doc
produce docbook xml and convert that to html (still using jade).

1. What to do in order to make gtkdoc-mkdb produce XML:

- change gtkdoc-mkdb to generate <anchor/> and <colspec/> throughout

- adjust markup in templates and driver to be xml:

  <!doctype becomes <!DOCTYPE
  <!entity becomes <!ENTITY
  "-//Davenport//DTD DocBook V3.0//EN" becomes 
       "-//Norman Walsh//DTD DocBk XML V3.1.7//EN" "docbookx.dtd"
  <anchor> becomes <anchor/>
  <colspec> becomes <colspec/>
  <xref> becomes <xref/>
  all attribute values must be enclosed in quotes
  notation names are case-sensitive, so, eg format="gif" becomes

2. What to do to make gtkdoc-mkhtml cope with Docbook XML:

- change gtk-doc.dcl to be the XML declaration

- adjust SGML_CATALOG_FILES to include the docbook xml catalog,
  typically named CATALOG.db3xml, but make sure that it is not the first
  catalog in SGML_CATALOG_FILES containing an uncommented SGML_DECL
  declaration. Otherwise jade will try to parse the DSSSL stylesheets 
  using the XML declaration, which doesn't work.

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