Re: devhelp support patch

James Henstridge <james daa com au> writes:

> Here is an update for my devhelp XSLT work.  This time it is in the
> form of a patch against gtk-doc.  With the patch, a .devhelp file is
> generated when you run gtkdoc-mkhtml in xml mode.
> If the html files are installed into $(datadir)/devhelp/books/bookname
> and the .devhelp file is put in $(datadir)/devhelp/specs/, the
> documentation will appear in the documentation list in devhelp.
> Creating the extra file doesn't add much to the processing time, so I
> would be inclined to always generate the .devhelp file.  Does anyone
> have any comments on the patch?

Well, the .devhelp file generation sounds find to me. I don't
understand wanting to move the HTML install location ... I mean,
it would make more sense for .devhelp to look in the current
standard gtk-doc location than vice-versa.


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