Re: API doc page badly needs some love

Mikael Hallendal <micke codefactory se> writes:

> Hi!
> Was updating the dot.plan pages and noticed that the API documentation
> page badly needs updating.
> * We should change so that GNOME 2.0 documents are shown first (probably
>   with just a link to GNOME 1.4 documents).

That can be done by anybody with access to GNOME CVS .. the index
pages are just
> * Only the GTK+ documents for GNOME 2.0 are up there. We need to add 
>   documentation for all of the other modules as well.

The docs are generated by a magic tinderbox-like script that runs
in a nightly cron job.

If someone wants to take over the babysitting of that and add
the rest of the GNOME-2.0 modules, that's fine to me (though
I'm not really sure about increasing the load on even more), but what I was discussing with
Jacob was extracting the docs from the nightly tinderbox builds
instead, since why should we be maintaining a separate tinderbox
for docs builds? 


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