Re: changing appearance of gtkdoc generated documentation

James Henstridge <james daa com au> writes:

> I was wondering what people thought about updating the html output
> style of gtk-doc.  The current style seems to call more attention to
> the headers/footers than needed (and I am not that thrilled with the
> black/green/red/blue colour scheme).
> I did up a quick mockup of one possible replacement look:
> I made use of a few stock gtk icons, which may or may not be a problem
> ;)  The idea was to make the headers/footers unobtrusive, but have an
> identifiable gtk/gnome theme.  I would be willing to implement
> something like this for the gtk-doc XSL transforms.

I'd love to see a new look. (The docs in the GTK+ tarballs
have a very slightly modified template, to at least get
rid of the multicolor look.)

I'm not sure about the stock icons ... won't that look funny
in devhelp, or Galeon when the stock icons are already there?
Also, they won't theme with the GTK+ icons.

It might be better to get Jimmac/Tigert to draw something else
that is like the stock icons without actually being the stock icons.


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