Re: changing appearance of gtkdoc generated documentation

> I was wondering what people thought about updating the html output style
> of gtk-doc.  The current style seems to call more attention to the
> headers/footers than needed (and I am not that thrilled with the
> black/green/red/blue colour scheme).

I used the bright colors to try to make the boring API docs a little more
interesting, but it seems quite a few people don't really like them.

> I did up a quick mockup of one possible replacement look:

I don't like the 3 different types of navigation links used on the pages
here (buttons, text at top & text at bottom). Maybe cut it down to 2
different types, or possibly just use the buttons at the top & bottom of the


PS. By the way, I may not be around much for a while as I've just moved back
to the UK and haven't set up an ISP etc. yet.

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