Re: Patches

Eric Lemings wrote:
> Damon Chaplin wrote:
> >
> > Ideally gtk-doc would just grab all the documentation from the source files,
> > maybe do a bit of dynamic querying to get information on the hierarchy/signals/args,
> > then output the DocBook. And that would be it.
> Ideally speaking, would you ALWAYS want to output ONLY DocBook?  Or
> would you want to make the scanning/parsing front-end seperate from the
> documentation generating back-end, and use files for the intermediate
> representation?

The documentation may include some DocBook tags, so you'd have to convert
these if you wanted to output other formats.

I'm happy just producing DocBook and HTML, but the scanning code should be
separate from the generation code anyway (as it is mainly in gtk-doc),
so you could split if needed, or just add code to produce alternative outputs.


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