Re: Building Bonobo API docs ...

[ Added gtk-doc-list, since that's really the appropriate forum
  for this. ]

Yes, there are problems with the commonly distributed stylesheets
RPM having incorrect catalog entires - this includes the one that was
in Red Hat 6.2/7.0.

The packaging direction for jade/docbook is moving now in a somewhat
different direction with a completely different (FHS-standard) file 
layout and the tools / layout have been majorly revised.
The packages in the current Red Hat beta use the new layout
and tools, and I believe other distributions have also made the
change or will make the change soon.

Since I couldn't depend on a standard install location any more
I decided to go with using the system identifier, even though I was 
aware that some CATALOG files might be screwed up.

I've put a fixed/update version of the old stylesheets RPM at:

These should be installable with the older set of tools. I'm
using this for building the docs on and it
seems to work well.

Michael Meeks <michael ximian com> writes:

> 	Some people have moaned at me that their docs are not building
> properly, etc. etc. after some applied Damon advice the following
> solution has arisen to make it work at least on my system:
> 	with some docbook-3.1-3 RPM I got from an unknown source applying
> the following patch to
> /usr/lib/sgml/CATALOG
> --- CATALOG	Tue Feb 20 19:31:52 2001
> +++	Tue Feb 20 19:31:32 2001
> @@ -35,16 +35,16 @@
>  -- Stylesheets --
>  PUBLIC "-//Norman Walsh//DOCUMENT DocBook Print Stylesheet//EN"
> -  print/docbook.dsl
> +  stylesheets/nwalsh-modular/print/docbook.dsl
>  PUBLIC "-//Norman Walsh//DOCUMENT DocBook HTML Stylesheet//EN"
> -  html/docbook.dsl
> +  stylesheets/nwalsh-modular/html/docbook.dsl
>  PUBLIC "-//Norman Walsh//DOCUMENT DSSSL Library//EN"
> -  lib/dblib.dsl
> +  stylesheets/nwalsh-modular/lib/dblib.dsl
>  PUBLIC "-//Norman Walsh//DOCUMENT DSSSL Library V2//EN"
> -  lib/dblib.dsl
> +  stylesheets/nwalsh-modular/lib/dblib.dsl
>  -- DTDs --
> 	Allows some rather crucial files to be found, in tandem with this
> I discovered that I had a lurking SGML_CATALOG_FILES environment variable
> that needed:
> -SGML_CATALOG_FILES=/opt/gnome/src/gtk-doc-extra/sgml.catalog
> +SGML_CATALOG_FILES=/opt/gnome/src/gtk-doc-extra/sgml.catalog:/usr/lib/sgml/CATALOG
> 	I hope this helps someone, its quite possible that someone has
> new / fixed RPMs available somewhere, it would be interesting to know,
> 	Also, it would be _really_ nice if an autoconf check could be done
> to ensure that we have a fully sane docs system before enabling doc
> building.

If someone wants to create an autoconf check for gtk-doc to make
sure that there is a working SGML environment, that would be
great (if hard).

I think packages should be able to assume that if gtk-doc is
present, it works.


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