Looking for list moderators

I'm looking for people to take over list moderator/owner
responsibilities for:


(For the moment, I'm going to keep the ownership of gtk-i18n-list
and gtk-devel-list)

Basically, what you do is:

 - Deal with posts held for approval. These will be:

    Messages from non-subscribers, or subscribers not posting
      from their address - Approve.
    Spam - Discard
    Admistrative rejects misdirected to list - Reject

 - Deal with mail from people confused about how to subscribe/unsubscribe

 - Deal with bounces. Ignore them until you get annoyed enough
   to manually unsubscribe the poster.

Requirements are:

 - 5-10 minutes a week per list.
 - Some patience

Benefits are:

 - A feeling of accomplishment.
 - A less back-logged mailing list.

Please send me mail if you are interested.


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