Re: Building Bonobo API docs ...

On Feb 20, 2001, Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote:
> The packaging direction for jade/docbook is moving now in a somewhat
> different direction with a completely different (FHS-standard) file 
> layout and the tools / layout have been majorly revised. 

Does that mean SGML install locations will soon be standardized?  I
hope so!  Things are kind of messy right now, with each distribution
putting the same things in different places.  /c:

Offhand, what's the new layout?  Do you have a link to it?  Is it
similar to any of the current schemes?  Does this include stylesheets
as well?

> The packages in the current Red Hat beta use the new layout
> and tools, and I believe other distributions have also made the
> change or will make the change soon.

Good.  I hope Debian and others all follow suit.

> > 	Also, it would be _really_ nice if an autoconf check could be done
> > to ensure that we have a fully sane docs system before enabling doc
> > building.
> If someone wants to create an autoconf check for gtk-doc to make
> sure that there is a working SGML environment, that would be
> great (if hard).
> I think packages should be able to assume that if gtk-doc is
> present, it works.

I agree.  I'd much rather see stricter SGML environment tests in a
single location, rather than spread across every dependent package
that might need it.  Better to keep the task of implementing API docs
as easy as possible, so more developers will add it to their own

Granted, I'm not sure how it all fits into the new m4 vs. pkg-config
movement.  (c:


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