Re: Limitation in db2html


> I'm a bit puzzled - gtk-doc doesn't use db2html in the normal
> configuration.

I didn't realize that db2html is being deprecated and replaced 
with jw.  Thanks for the update.  I won't complain about the
db2html anymore.

I know that I should be using "make html" instead of db2html,
but I am having problems getting "make html" to work.  I sent
my problems to this list on April 24th (see message titled
"Problems with Davenport").  I was told that the solution to
my problem was to upgrade to the latest version of gtk-doc.
I don't have time to do that for the next week or so, so in
the meantime I'm hacking around the bug by using db2html.
> The -w no-idref that gtkdoc-mkhtml passes in to Jade is meant
> precisely to hide these errors, and the resulting HTML is fixed up at
> install time to have correct links.
> Setting up gtk-doc, of course, is a rather big pain, but if you
> copy the setup, from, say, Pango, or one of the gtk/reference/
> subdirs, you should get close.

Thanks for the tip about "-w no-idref".  That's exactly what I needed
to know.  Yes, that will likely remove the need of using the "-E"


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