Re: Limitation in db2html

Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron Sun COM> writes:

> Dave:
> > If you have upwards of 500 errors you are doing something horribly
> > wrong. Please check the top of those errors to see if your DTD is
> > actually being parsed.
> Hmm..  I'm not sure that we're doing anything *horribly* wrong, but
> perhaps you can help us.  Here at Sun we are developing the ATK
> library and we are trying to properly comment the code so that gtk-docs
> builds useful on-line docs automatically from the code.
> All well and good, but we don't really understand how to deal with the
> glib links.  In other words, the ATK code is built on top of glib and
> most of the warnings/errors seem to be related to the fact that it
> can't generate the URL's for references to glib data types.
> Aside from a lot of such warnings, the HTML files that we want are
> properly generated.
> We're not really sure how to properly inform db2html of the location
> of glib.  Any tips would be helpful.
> Still, it seems it would be nice if db2html would let you pass 
> arguments to jade if you liked.

I'm a bit puzzled - gtk-doc doesn't use db2html in the normal

The -w no-idref that gtkdoc-mkhtml passes in to Jade is meant
precisely to hide these errors, and the resulting HTML is fixed up at
install time to have correct links.

Setting up gtk-doc, of course, is a rather big pain, but if you
copy the setup, from, say, Pango, or one of the gtk/reference/
subdirs, you should get close.


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