Re: Limitation in db2html


> If you have upwards of 500 errors you are doing something horribly
> wrong. Please check the top of those errors to see if your DTD is
> actually being parsed.

Hmm..  I'm not sure that we're doing anything *horribly* wrong, but
perhaps you can help us.  Here at Sun we are developing the ATK
library and we are trying to properly comment the code so that gtk-docs
builds useful on-line docs automatically from the code.

All well and good, but we don't really understand how to deal with the
glib links.  In other words, the ATK code is built on top of glib and
most of the warnings/errors seem to be related to the fact that it
can't generate the URL's for references to glib data types.

Aside from a lot of such warnings, the HTML files that we want are
properly generated.

We're not really sure how to properly inform db2html of the location
of glib.  Any tips would be helpful.

Still, it seems it would be nice if db2html would let you pass 
arguments to jade if you liked.


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