Re: Documentation layout suggestion

Damon Chaplin <> writes:

> Owen Taylor wrote:
> > > Would it be possible sometime in the future to combine the GTK+
> > > and GNOME docs into a single module?  Wouldn't that make it
> > > easier to use cross-referencing between the two API's?  Also, it
> > > would make it easier to install everything in one fell swoop.
> > > And finally, it seems like having everything together would
> > > increase the profile of the documentation efforts for both GTK+
> > > and GNOME.  One-stop shop, so to speak.
> > 
> > Single module? Not as I typically understand "module".
> > 
> > It would be possible to build all the docs on a single
> > machine with a single htmldir. That would get the
> > cross references from GNOME to GTK+ right.
> Do we want to support multiple html directories?
> I don't think we should force people to install into a particular
> place. They may not have permission.

Hmmm, we could certainly support a "path" of directories
for gtkdoc-fixref. The interesting question is what you
do then for relative paths versus absolute paths. The
nice thing currently is that inter-module links are
relative so that the document is transportable.

I suppose what you could do then is make the links
relative within one path component and absolute between
path components.


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