Re: Only 10 widgets left in GTK+ RDP

On 17-Aug-99 Preben Randhol wrote:
> Lee Mallabone <> writes:
>| On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Damon Chaplin wrote:
>| Aren't these widgets marked down as deprecated? Surely if they
>| really are
>| deprecated (I thought they'd been superseded by GtkCList) we
>| shouldn't be
>| encouraging their use by providing documentation?
> You should say in the documentation that they are depreciated at
> least otherwise people will still use them. And then you should
> point
> to what one should use instead.

I think this confusion is entirely my fault. Sorry. Although GtkCList
should be used over GtkList, this cannot be done in 100% of cases.
Namely, GtkCList doesn't support the insertion of widgets as
elements, whereas GtkList does. Hence, it isn't deprecated.

I need to go back and change the tutorial again.


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