Re: Moving from mailing lists to Discourse

makepost firemail cc composed on 2019-02-07 02:54 (UTC+0200):

We already looked at Hyperkitty, and found it fairly limited in
functionality. Avoiding Hyperkitty is what led us to Discourse in the
first place.

Can you link that discussion please? I'm interested what newcomers want 
to do such that Hyperkitty doesn't let. Negatives of Discourse: loads 
slower, broken without evergreen CSS and JS, huge blank margins. Fedora 
uses Hyperkitty on its other, non-Silverblue lists.

Hyperkitty made Fedora mailing lists a displeasure, like most of the rest of the web, scripts
hiding things that previously were obvious and made inaccessible without scripting overhead
enabled, overabundant whitespace, tiny gray text, short lists where 5X as many would otherwise fit.
I avoid it as much as possible, trying to get answers from or IRC or the
archlinux wiki whenever possible instead.
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