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As part of an attempt at making GTK more friendly to newcomers, I and
other core developers were thinking of moving the mailing lists from
the current mailman installation to Discourse:

I'm 100% onboard.  I'd like to align this with the rest of the GNOME
mailing list starting with engagement list.  If it is going to be on
the GNOME infrastructure, if there is some opt-in for the other mailing
list that will just help popularize this for the rest of us on the
GNOME infrastructure.


Possibly still hosted on GNOME infrastructure, depending on the
requirements for our sysadmins.

The GTK project would have various sub-topics, mostly around
development with and of GTK. Having a better archive search, a better
moderation system, and a decent web UI are the major selling points
for switching to Discourse. The fact that the project is also open
source is neatly aligned with our values.

Are there any objections? Did somebody already try out Discourse and
has opinions about it that they want to share with the community?

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