Script to build templates for H and C files

Dear community,

I found that generation a class skeleton for GObject derived classes is a painful process. Some information in official documentation is also confusing and requires a significant amount of time to digest (speaking for myself). Therefore, I decided to write a script (and get some python experience) to generate general header and source files based on provided information. It is still not perfect, work in progress. I will continue working on this script for myself but I just wanted to share this information with this community. I thought it may be a good idea to develop a best practice for new users how a new class should be declared and defined. Again, the goal here is not to build a swiss knife for all possible cases but generate a starting point. Before I made this script, I also checked GObject generator but found it too complicated and it actually serves a different purpose. 

I am open to comments and critics. Any suggestions are very welcome. I am more than willing to see a tool like that as part of the glib library. 

goteg - stands for GObject TEmplate Generator.

-Pavlo Solntsev
Please avoid sending me Word or PowerPoint attachments.

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