Re: GLIB Port on QNX


On 8 January 2018 at 13:20, Nitin Jain <nitin e gmail com> wrote:

Is there any QNX port available for glib .

We don't manage packaging of GLib ourselves, if that's what you're
asking. We usually defer to whatever downstreams exist for any given

Any pointers will be very helpful if we want to port GLIB on  QNX 6.6 .  As
per understanding , QNX is posix compliant  and most of the functionality
.of glibc shall be available on QNX.

These are our toolchain requirements:

and these are our supported platforms, as well as our support policy:

We currently do not build, nor test, GLib on QNX. If you're willing to
set up and maintain an automatic CI system that verifies we won't
unintentionally regress on that platform, we'd be very happy to help.
Additionally, if you're willing to help us out on ensuring that GLib
works appropriately on QNX, by fixing regressions and implementing
functionality that is platform-specific, then it would be great.


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