I am currently debugging gtk_menu_item_set_accel_path():  when using that 
function then keyboard accelerator key(s) are not displayed in the menu item 
at all. Has anybody looked into this bug before?

What I found out so far is that the the menu item's




are correctly updated with the expected textual representation of the keyboard 
accelerator key(s) (i.e. "Ctrl c", "F1", etc.), however the menu item's 
GtkAccelLabel would never be displayed on screen.

Also the menu item's size is not updated either. By default, when displaying a 
menu item without any action/accelerator, the size (more specific: its width) 
of the menu item is limited to the menu item's main text label. And when an 
action with keyboard accelerator is assigned to the menu item, the size of the 
menu item is enlarged to display the acceleration label as well. The latter 
never happens when using gtk_menu_item_set_accel_path().

Ideas and suggestions appreciated!


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