gtk-alternative-button-order — will be deprecated?

Hi! I'm newbie here so please be understanding for me. ;)

I'm user of GTK-based desktop. GTK has Xsettings option called "gtk-alternative-button-order". It should be used to reverse order of buttons in dialogs. Is this option deprecated or it will be deprecated? Currently GTK3 and GTK4 documentations says that not, but I see in GTK source code that this option does not work anymore.

I have not wide knowledge about C (I created only small patches for GTK called gtk3-mushrooms for my own usage) but it seems to me that this option is kept in GTK code by mistake. Only GtkAssistant window uses "gtk-alternative-button-order" option. Code in GtkDialog is removed from GTK4 and deprecated in GTK3.

Regardless of current code state I want to ask GTK developers to keep this option working in GTK code base. I'm understand that GTK3 developers move customization options from users to developers (ex. toolbar appearance in GTK3 is changeable only from code, not by Xsettings now) but "gtk-alternative-button-order" should be kept in GTK. Windows and KDE uses reversed (comparing to GTK) order of buttons in dialogs so this option can be very useful for users of both GTK-based desktop and KDE or MS Windows. It can be also useful for better integration of GTK running on MS Windows.

Tomasz Gąsior

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