Re: [PATCH] file chooser: Restore consistent click behavior (for gtk 3.20)

From: "Charles Lindsey" <chl clerew man ac uk>
To: gtk-devel-list gnome org
Subject: Re: [PATCH] file chooser: Restore consistent click behavior
        (for gtk        3.20) 

It seems to me that those who are developing GTK are answerable to no-one,
and it they continue to behave in this way, we shall simply all be forced
to switch to QT. It is ridiculous that they are pressing ahead with GTK4
at a time when several exceeding important applications had not even
switched to GTK3 (and I am beginning to see why). The file changer in
these applications will remain as it is, so that everyone will find
different windows which look the same behaving entirely differently.

It is a non sequitur to say that developing a new major version should not be allowed because some users are still on the previous stable version.

It is equally irrelevant to completely omit the fact that the current stable version is now LTS and seeing more and more applications, DEs, etc moving across to it.

Having a separate bleeding-edge development branch is a precondition for having a really stable one, and now that exists. So, that problem was solved. Yet apparently, somehow there are those who want to construe the solution as a problem in itself...

And as always, just complaining about the development means very little when so few of the complainers ever contribute any resources to improve the state of things. If you want to change the focus of "those who are developing GTK", become one.

That's all kinda separate from the original topic, which I still think should just be reverted until it's done properly, but anyway.

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