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Il giorno lun 20 nov 2017 19:23:08 CET, Emmanuele Bassi ha scritto:

On 20 November 2017 at 17:34, Andrea Zagli <azagli libero it> wrote:
Il giorno lun 20 nov 2017 16:02:11 CET, Emmanuele Bassi ha scritto:


On 20 November 2017 at 14:52, Andrea Zagli via gtk-devel-list
<gtk-devel-list gnome org> wrote:

do you plan to port (i don't know if "port" is the right word) glib/gtk

There are no plans that I'm aware of, nor use cases that have
materialised that would require such a port.

for example it could replace broadway

Considering that the Broadway backend is mostly a toy, and it hasn't
seen much development at all in master, I'm not sure replacing it is
going to work.

Writing new GDK backends, and ensuring that they keep working, is not
a trivial matter.

since i hate other languages than c, i wrote a little library with glib to
easy develop cgi; and i use other libraries (libgda, libsoup, libxml, etc
etc) to make my web apps

the base code for that web apps is always a library that i use also for the
gui backend of the web app

with webassembly i could write backend and frontend in glib/gtk

If you are volunteering to write a new GDK backend, and maintain it,
then by all means: feel free to work on it and submit your code for

I strongly advise you work on the master branch, as the rendering
model has drastically changed from the gtk-2-24 and gtk-3-22 stable

unfortunately my knowledge of glib/gtk structure/architecture is close to zero

same thing for webassembly and what it means port to it a library of the level of glib/gtk

PS: an other use case could be use latest version of glib/gtk/etc "under" winxp (but maybe the browser version that support webassembly doesn't suport anymore winxp)

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