Re: GtkSocket/GtkPlug accessibility

Le 27/01/2017 à 15:32, Mario Sanchez Prada a écrit :

I know I arrive tremendously late to this thread, and I'm not even sure if
this is going to be helpful for your situation, but just in case this is a
small test application I wrote long ago to understand how the whole thing of
AtkSocket & AtkPlug works:

I did found your test app when searching info about that, looked helpful
if I happened to need implementing something :)

Also, in case it also helps, this is a (long) rant I wrote a while ago too
explaining how we implemented accessibility support in the multiprocess
architecture of WebKit2, also using AtkSocket and AtkPlug:

Now, feel free to dismiss all this if it's totally irrelevant :-)

No, that looks interesting, esp. as you have included some info about
Socket/Plug.  Maybe not technical enough, but the example you linked
above covers that :)


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