Re: MSVC compilation problem in git master

On 25 August 2017 at 14:39, John Emmas <john creativepost co uk> wrote:
On 25/08/2017 10:17, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:

The Visual Studio project files are not up to date, and since we're
switching the build to Meson, I don't think they'll stay in tree much

Ooer... are you saying that Meson will be compulsory for future builds?  I
assumed it was an addition to the existing build systems, rather than a

For GTK+ master, yes: we switched to Meson exclusively, and dropped
all other build systems.

For GTK+ stable branches, we only use Autotools.

For other dependent libraries — GLib, GdkPixbuf, Pango — we added
Meson in parallel with Autotools, but the long term plan is to drop
the Autotools build.

What will happen for those of us who need the MSVC debugger?  AFAIK it's
only available if you build using Microsoft's VC project/sln files (or does
Meson generate them maybe?

Yes, Meson can generate Visual Studio projects out of the box. It is
one of the reasons why we decided to migrate to it.


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